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Treatment: Facts to Remember if you have Arthritis

17 September 2010

Fact 1:
There are many types of arthritis, many of which may be short-lived and self limiting.  

The key is to get a proper diagnosis early to:

  • Get early treatment
  • Avoid wrong treatment 

Fact 2:  
Most types of arthritis are chronic diseases that will affect you for the rest of your life.. 

Taking your medication everyday is the best way to manage these conditions, rather than taking treatment only when your arthritis gets worse (i.e. when you have a 'flare'). You need to understand that life-long treatment will often be required. 
Fact 3:  
Although you have a life-long condition, don't despair! By taking care of yourself and following your doctor's advice, you can still lead an active and fulfilling life.  

Effective treatments are available and are getting better all the time. Newer treatments, such as the COX-2 specific inhibitors (or 'coxibs') are very effective and carry a lower risk of stomach problems than older types of pain relievers. These advances in the management of arthritis and rheumatism enable patients to achieve better alleviation of pain and disability than ever before. You can also actively participate in managing your condition by taking your medication regularly, and by undertaking appropriate lifestyle changes (practising relaxation techniques, maintaining optimal bodyweight and taking regular gentle exercise). Your doctor can give you advice about lifestyle, diet and exercise. People who actively try to help themselves have less pain and are more mobile than people who don't. The outlook for people with arthritis is better today than ever before. 
Fact 4:  
Your doctor is the best person to talk to if you have questions about arthritis. 

As you can tell from this brochure, there are many misconceptions about arthritis and rheumatism! If you have any questions about the causes, symptoms or treatment of your condition, ask your doctor about them. Your doctor will tell you the facts, not the myths.

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