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How is it treated?
17 Sep 2010
Myth: Joint injections are invariably harmful to joints.

Fact: Injections of corticosteroids into the joint are often very helpful for controlling local inflammation in particularly painful joints. However, the overuse of these injections should be avoided.

Who gets it?
17 Sep 2010
Myth: Arthritis is a problem associated with living in large, polluted and stressful city environments.

Fact: Arthritis can affect anyone, no matter where they live. People in rural areas are just as likely to develop these types of conditions as are people in the city.

What causes it?
17 Sep 2010
Myth: Arthritis are hereditary.
Fact: These conditions are seldom passed on directly from parent to child, although some families seem to be susceptible to certain types of arthritis.

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